Three Score & Ten: Topic Records at 70 OUT NOW

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Topic’s is one of the great achievements of the recording age, and few labels can have had such an effect on their culture. Three Score & Ten is one of the greatest documents of social history that we have in this country.” – Richard Thompson

Topic’s role has always been, I think, to document the folk music of the British Isles. It has been spectacularly wonderful at doing that.” – John Kirkpatrick

There are so many wonderful albums released by Topic, which have influenced my music beyond measure.” – Jim Causley

Three Score & Ten Box Set (Click to enlarge)

Three Score & Ten Box Set (Click to enlarge)

2009 is a landmark year for many independent record labels.  It sees the anniversaries of  Motown and Island (both 50), Rough Trade (30) and Real World (20). But it is Topic Records that celebrates its 70th anniversary. This makes it the oldest, truly independent record company in the world and an extremely sprightly, almost ageless senior citizen compared to the above ‘youngsters’.

To celebrate this significant moment in Topic’s illustrious history, the label is proud to publish Three Score and Ten, a sumptuous 7 CD set complete with a hardback 108 page book, charting seven decades of recording and social history. Three Score & Ten has been produced, researched and curated by “the redoubtable David Suff, Fledg’ling Records supremo and one of the leading authorities on folk and folk-rock,” and comes with a complete Topic records discography, listing every release from 1939 – 2009.

Topic Records has been home to, amongst many others, Paul Robeson, Pete Seeger, Vanessa Redgrave and Ewan MacColl, through to Nic Jones, Shirley Collins, Dick Gaughan, Martin Carthy, The Watersons, June Tabor, John Tams and Martin Simpson, to the current generation, including the multi award-winning Eliza Carthy.

The 7CD box set is out now.  You can order your copy now by clicking here or visiting your local independent record store.

There is also a series of live shows to accompany the release.  You can find out more about them by visiting our Live Shows page.


5 Responses to “Three Score & Ten: Topic Records at 70 OUT NOW”

  1. 1 Reinhard Zierke 30 July, 2009 at 6:51 PM

    Congratulations, Topic, for your 70th anniversary as the best and most interesting record label I know of. I’m not a completist with only about 360 of your LPs and CDs but I’m gladly looking forward to any record you are going to issue.

  2. 2 Vic. Legg. 10 September, 2009 at 4:45 PM

    Congratulations to you all at “Topic”.
    May you continue to give us great listening for another 70 years, and more.
    Happy birthday! (Just so happens to be mine as well.)
    Vic. Legg.

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