Jim Causley

Waterson:Carthy - A Dark LightThere are so many wonderful albums released by Topic, which have influenced my music beyond measure. For example I simply cannot imagine a world without The Voice of the People collection. It is an incredible resource to all traditional song enthusiasts. But the album which really sticks in my head as an important milestone is A Dark Light by Waterson:Carthy.

It came out when myself and fellow Devils, Lauren McCormick & Emily Portman, were in our first year of university and we were all huge W:C fans. We knew all the songs off by heart and that winter we got to meet the band for the first time during a day of workshops in Hexham School. On the train home that night we were giggling like daft school children who’d just met Take That!

So A Dark Light reminds me of a very special time when I and several other budding young singers were at the beginning of this exciting musical journey.


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