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June Tabor Show Review

An excellent 5 – Star review from the Guardian:

“June Tabor may be claimed as one of their own by the folk fraternity but throughout her lengthy career her aim has been to break down musical boundaries. The reinterpretation of traditional songs is central to her work, but only part of it. Here she gave her highly personal, often gently theatrical, treatment of anything from Chaucer to Latin-tinged jazz, along with whole ranges of contemporary and traditional song, and in doing so explored and demonstrated the connections between them.”

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Martin Simpson Show Review

A 4-star review from the Guardian of Martin Simpson’s Big Band show, Wed 23rd Sep ’09.

eMusic Feature

Top download store eMusic have run a feature on Topic’s releases.  Click here to visit their site.

Scotsman Review

The latest great review of Three Score & Ten comes from The Scotsman.

“Seventy-year-old record label’s haunting voices bring back ghosts of a vanished Britain”

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Some of Topic’s finest albums

A bunch of Topic Record covers