Three Score & Ten: Topic Records at 70 OUT NOW

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Topic’s is one of the great achievements of the recording age, and few labels can have had such an effect on their culture. Three Score & Ten is one of the greatest documents of social history that we have in this country.” – Richard Thompson

Topic’s role has always been, I think, to document the folk music of the British Isles. It has been spectacularly wonderful at doing that.” – John Kirkpatrick

There are so many wonderful albums released by Topic, which have influenced my music beyond measure.” – Jim Causley

Three Score & Ten Box Set (Click to enlarge)

Three Score & Ten Box Set (Click to enlarge)

2009 is a landmark year for many independent record labels.  It sees the anniversaries of  Motown and Island (both 50), Rough Trade (30) and Real World (20). But it is Topic Records that celebrates its 70th anniversary. This makes it the oldest, truly independent record company in the world and an extremely sprightly, almost ageless senior citizen compared to the above ‘youngsters’.

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Three Score & Ten: An fRoots Album Of The Year

2009 fRoots Critics Poll - Reissues And Compilations Of The Year2009 fRoots Critics Poll - Best Packaged Album Of The YearThree Score & Ten has been voted for by the fRoots Critic’s Poll, not only as the number one album in the Reissues and Compilations of the Year, but also as the number one album in the Best Packaged Album Of The Year in a ‘total landslide’ decision.

June Tabor Show Review

An excellent 5 – Star review from the Guardian:

“June Tabor may be claimed as one of their own by the folk fraternity but throughout her lengthy career her aim has been to break down musical boundaries. The reinterpretation of traditional songs is central to her work, but only part of it. Here she gave her highly personal, often gently theatrical, treatment of anything from Chaucer to Latin-tinged jazz, along with whole ranges of contemporary and traditional song, and in doing so explored and demonstrated the connections between them.”

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7 Topic CD Reissues

In addition to the recently released Three Score & Ten box set, Topic Records are proud to be reissuing seven significant recordings from their impressive archive, available for the first time on CD.  They will be available from all good stores from Monday 26th October 2009.

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Martin Simpson Show Review

A 4-star review from the Guardian of Martin Simpson’s Big Band show, Wed 23rd Sep ’09.

eMusic Feature

Top download store eMusic have run a feature on Topic’s releases.  Click here to visit their site.

Guardian Review for Watersons’ Show

Friday 11th September 2009 – Southbank Centre, London

“Great folk music is concerned with history, tradition and change, and this emotional concert was a reminder of the continuing story of one of England’s most adventurous musical families. The original Watersons were a four-piece from Yorkshire who started out in the 1960s singing unaccompanied traditional songs with extraordinary passion.”

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Record Collector

Record Collector“In the same year that Hollywood brought us Gone With The Wind and The Wizard Of Oz, a more humble entertainment made its bow, but one which, in its field, has proved to be just as enduring and iconic.  Folk music labels have come and gone over the last 70 years though none have had the impact of Topic; nor can they claim to be, in the words of Richard Thompson, “a vital component of British culture”.”

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Some of Topic’s finest albums

A bunch of Topic Record covers